Three Tree Tent | A Cool Thing

Have you ever been camping  and woken up on the cold, hard ground because your thermarest deflated sometime in the night?  I swear, every time I go camping I end up with the faulty thermarest! Well . . . here is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time!  No hard ground, no water puddling under your tent if  it rains, no lost tent stakes, and you can totally pretend that you are camping with Ewoks up in the trees!  Three Tree Tents are the biggest thing going in tents these days! 

*ask me about the 5 million giant spiders at the Grand Canyon sometime . . . you’ll only want these tents after that story!  🙂

Caren and Dave asked me to come out to GOREC and make some photos of these tents at night for a project they are working on.  Summer is super hard for this because it stays light so late.  Really, it would have been best for me to do this about 3:30am, but that is WAY too late for me in the middle of busy season these days! Next time we are going to play a little more with people for these photos.  Are you an all-nighter?  Wanna come hang out by a fire and model at 3am on a random early fall Tuesday?  Let me know, we’ll make a fun time out of it!