Alyssa & Braeden | Wedding

Alyssa and Braeden were married at peak color season at a little place in Buckley.  The natural beauty of the surroundings, they as individuals, and the deepness of their love were all things that made this day great.  The gentle way these two are together shines and is felt by anyone around them.  We went and played in the woods and pumpkin patch at Pahl’s farm and even got to pet the baby goats.  I think the part that stole my heart was their last dance; private and away from guests with only a speaker and the dark of night. 

Beyond the standard wedding glory, we were witness to something truly spectacular.  Braeden’s Father is no longer with us on this Earthly plane but he was there beside his son on his wedding day.  There was a letter, read by his Mother, that his father had written years ago.  It spoke of things that were, things to come, and warm wishes for a new husband and his wife.  There was not a dry eye in the room.