Grandma bought a cute dress and nice shirt for these two fun kids to have photos on the beach with their parents.  For the age gap between the two children, they were wonderful together!  Total hams!!

My little buddy Blake really doesn’t understand what is coming his way VERY soon – – – a SISTER!  He has had the unwavering attention of his wonderful parents for almost 2 years now.  And I must mention that he might have turbo boosters in his shoes!  He is a very happy (and speedy) little boy.  I am so excited to meet little sister in the near future!  I know she will be just as happy a little doll as her big brother!

What a crew!  These two fun families had their summer vacation together at The Homestead in Glen Arbor.

We spent the afternoon with this fun bunch of kids.  I love seeing all of the hope and excitement for what life brings in each of their faces!

Summer vacation at The Homestead means toes in the sand!  This wonderful family had the resort beach to themselves for an evening on their summer vacation.  The water was still a little chilly, but it sure feels good anyway!

Twins are my favorite!  And these two little bugs were fantastic!  Their silly faces kinda stole the show!



The DeWitt family has a great bunch of kids!  These five may give their mom a run for her money but the subtle sweetness among them all was quite a gift to see.

This year I have donated photo sittings to adopting or foster families in the greater North area.  The Thomas family is proud to announce that they have just legally adopted a wonderful young lady named Grace.  This family was wonderful to work with.  All of them with easy smiles, quick wit, and genuine enjoyment of each other.  Congratulations Grace!  You couldn’t have stepped into a better family!

I was so happy to spend a few hours with my favorite little buddy, James, and his awesome Momma.  James has no idea of the changes that will come over the next few months.  As much as he is an adventurous, comical, sweet and caring, only child, he will soon be called “big brother.”  So we took some time to look at life with just James.  This kid absolutely cracks me up!  “Play” and “Nope” are his favorite two words.  I am so excited for #2 to join this household!


This little baber would NOT rest for our first try for her photos a few weeks ago.  And even now, at our second go, we only got about 10 minutes of sleepy girl.  Echo Nora is quite a bright-eyed, alert baby!  Either way, sleeping or wide awake, this little girl is a doll!