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Hazel | New Office Mascot | January 22, 2018

This is Hazel, the new office mascot.  Her mom was sent to a rescue in Wisconsin from Hazard, Kentucky.  Maybe we should have named her Daisy Duke but I didn’t read the paperwork on her mom until after we named her.  I had to laugh after I found out where she really came from.  Since she flies . . . like the General Lee jumping ponds in the Dukes of Hazard (favorite show as a kid) and running from the law!  She cracks me up.

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I’ve committed to a personal project with Hazel for the year.  I didn’t try this with the other two girls and am really excited about it.  I will be doing one photo every week of her in the same studio location.  52 photos of a year’s growth.  I’m three weeks in and there are some interesting learning curves and marked improvement in how she sits for the camera.  She may be learning faster than me.

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The LaBontes | Family | January 28, 2018

Would you guess that this is a January day in Northern Michigan?  Where did the snow go?  It may look like an unseasonably warm winter day, but it was not.  It was 100% winter temperatures.  We had a big January thaw the week before and of course, the week after we got bunches more snow.

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Year In Review | 2017


From the light rains of spring, to bright sunlit summer-drenched beaches, through the early-darkening of fall, and on to the crispness of winter; this year has been beyond spectacular!  Thank you, to each and every one of you who supports me and makes all of my days at work absolutely enjoyable.

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Baille | High School Senior | September 4, 2017

What’s better than a pretty young lady, a beach, a killer sunset, oh, and a horse?  How about . . . not one thing!  This sitting was so much fun!  I could have stayed for hours longer but when the sun is gone, it’s gone.  Baille was joined by her Mom (a.k.a. the horse wrangler) and her Grandma and Grandpa (a.k.a. the horse chauffeur) for her senior photos at beautiful Empire beach.  Did you know you can ride a horse on the beach in Empire?  Me neither.  But we asked the local people in charge and it is a thing.

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New Studio Equipment Testing | January 22, 2017

I did a little testing with my new studio things and background that I got for Christmas.  I am really quite pleased with the outcome.  Of course, my best test subjects only work for a handful of treats.  Hopefully, I will have more time this month to do some further experimenting.

Lukka & Ziggy | New Dog Faces | November 24, 2016

There is nothing better than the first few days after you pick up your new best friend.  When they are just weeks old, you have to figure out their habits, their routines, and their personality.  Honestly, I expected Lukka, the Akita baby to be spunky but he sat like a little doll.  I can’t wait to have him back to sit on those boxes in a few months when he is pushing his 90+ pounds of full sizeness – – it’s going to be hilarious!  But, that face!!!

And then there is Ziggy Stardust . . .  this little dude is the size of my fist with a serious attitude of full-speed-ahead-play.

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French Valley Vineyard | Portraits | November 13, 2016

I got to spend a few hours on the farm with Pam, Steve, the Boys, and Steve’s awesome old truck to create some new photos for the French Valley Vineyard website and sales collateral.

And yup, that is a dog in a hat.

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Natalia & Les (and Daizi, too) | Twins in February | October 25, 2016

Natalia and Les are expecting twins this February.  They are getting the whole package in one go – they will be having a boy and a girl!  I am so excited to watch this family double in size!  And I think Daizi is going to be the sweetest guard dog ever!

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The Dogs | Just for Fun | May 12, 2016

What can I say about these two idiots!?!?  They are my best models, my lighting testers, and of course the butt of most of my jokes.  So when I needed to test a few things in the studio with some new flash equipment, they were more than accommodating.