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I am super excited to announce the newest addition to the Paxton Photography family of products!  The Nifty.Gif is a fun addition to any wedding!  If you are looking for something different than just the standard old photobooth, give this a look!

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As an introductory offer, add the Nifty.Gif to any currently booked 2016 wedding package for $400 (up to a 50% discount)!  Or book the Nifty.Gif as a stand-alone addition to any other social event you are hosting for 30% off the base list price and hourly rates.


New product for the new year!  I was so excited to finally get my shipment in the mail yesterday!  We will be switching from DVD delivery for your gallery of digital files, to these beautiful new USB drives and storage boxes for the 2016 season.


Sure, I say it all the time, “if you need something done or made, just ask,” and finally somebody took me up on it!  This Saturday, Niki’s daughter will be wearing this cute little dress that I made!  Niki wanted to incorporate her Mom’s wedding dress into the wedding in some way, so we used fabric from the train as the underlayment to the blue lace top.  I can’t wait to see little Addy wearing this!


Realtors, do you ever have a need to enhance or alter images?  Michigan weather can be unpredictable but your listing still needs to show well!  Let me fix this for you!  Whether you need to remove objects, repair a paint job, or change the season, I can make it happen.

rick cards

Rick Wells is a great dog trainer in the Greater Grand Traverse region and is joining us as one of our on-staff trainers for the Traverse City area chapter of Pets for Vets (chapter opening soon).  Rick needed some updated business cards to really set him apart from the crowd.  I just love the tone and feel to these!

If you choose to open your heart and home to a dog, give Rick a call at (231)360-7297.  He will help your dog and you learn how to be a wonderful, attentive, and well-behaved companion.

Do you need to update your business cards or any other print material?  Give me a call at (231)883-9807 so we can start the design process to make your visual display products shine!  Mention this post and receive 10% off your first order!

Crop Lines

As we head into the spring and summer season, I’d like to provide you with a little education on the images you receive on your disk. Standard dimension print and frame sizes are not the same as what the camera shoots! Do you ever wonder why some of your images seem to have extra space left on the sides or why some images cut things off of the long sides? I try to leave space on the sides so there is room to crop but sometimes that is not an option and that is where some things get cut off.
Here is a diagram to help you out.

metal prints 1

My next favorite thing is metal prints!  These prints are actually printed on a metal material and shine in the sun with beautiful reflective tones.  The metal actually shows through the light and white areas of the image to really give a striking appearance on your wall.  You would mount these prints directly to a matte and display glassless in the frame.  Color or black and white is available.  These are priced by quote only.  Let me know what size frame or wall space you are looking to fill and I can help you find the right size image for you.