The buttons above contain some useful planning information as well as some after-wedding care.  Each button will pull up a PDF of information for you to download or print off.  The first four are documents to help you begin the wedding day planning conversation with your fiance and/or your families.  Discussing these things will greatly help you get everybody on the same page of defining your expectations of the wedding day.  The last three buttons are for after the wedding, to help you with what to do with the images you receive.

All of these documents will be given to you throughout the wedding experience with me.  This is just a location to find them easier if you have misplaced the originals you have received.

Vendor Referrals

Bellow is a collection of trusted vendors that I have worked with on and off over the course of years.  Each of these suggestions are not only great businesses; but they are also wonderful, helpful, honest, and good people on top of it all.  If you need something to complete your wedding planning, please consult one of these wonderful people first.

The icons below are buttons that link right to their websites.