From the light rains of spring, to bright sunlit summer-drenched beaches, through the early-darkening of fall, and on to the crispness of winter; this year has been beyond spectacular!  Thank you, to each and every one of you who supports me and makes all of my days at work absolutely enjoyable.

What is more fun than small humans racing cars?  Small humans racing cars and having their own trading cards for autograph time at the track!  I offered to make Hunter his very own trading cards.  He came up with the second design here.  I preferred the first design, so I printed both for him.  I’ll be sure to update next week when the print delivery comes in!

I had the exciting privilege of covering the indoor kids racing for my friend’s son.  I was really surprised to find it absolutely enjoyable.  Among the 70+ kids ranging in ages of 5-14, there were no issues and no tears between kids or parents.  All of the parents worked together to help fix cars and make sure everybody had what they needed to race.  And to see these little people – – yes! as young as 5 years old! racing! was the coolest thing EVER!  At an intermission, all of the racers lined up for autograph time.  It was super cute to see these little people signing autographs like a huge stars.  And I think the funniest part of the day was that the littlest ones can hardly write their name but can navigate a track like pros!

The other cool thing about the day was watching the kids make friends!  Do you remember how you could just strike up a friendship with no questions or cares when you were a kid?  It’s so much harder as an adult!  I watched 2 kids who had never met, yet raced against each other on the track, pal up like they’d know each other their entire lives.

Oh, and this is likely the coolest place I have ever seen my business name!  On the hood, too!  Rumor has it, I get to have the hood to hang in my garage!

John and the TruMark Contracting guys brought their A-Game for their team photos.  And look, everybody has clean shirts!!  These will be used for their company holiday cards.  I tried to convince them they should do a calendar but they were too shy.  Maybe next year, ladies!

Abbie and Jake had their Homecoming photos done ahead of the dance day – these are smart kids!  I so enjoy spending a little time with young people (man, that makes me sound old) who have themselves together.  It give me hope that tomorrow’s leaders really do exist.

The ever-so-fabulous and talented Stephen West made an appearance at the Wool and Honey knit shop in Cedar on Tuesday night. Knitters from far and wide came to have their books signed and see his fantastic designs in person.  It was quite an event!

I was asked by Courtney Curtis from TV7&4’s Up North Live to answer some questions about the hot-button point of whether or not to host your wedding as “unplugged” or not.  Truth be told, it was terrifying! I spend so many hours behind a camera that I totally forget what it is like to be IN FRONT of the camera.  I used the experience to remind myself how each of my clients feel at sessions.

The funniest part of the whole experience is Courtney reassuring my reservations about how I did with, “you did great, you’re all trendy and sounded fine”.  After she left, my Boyfriend’s 12 year old, Xander, says, “I think that lady was confused.  I think she meant crafty, not trendy.  Cause trendy really isn’t you”.  True that, kid, true that!

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Pictures are moments that can last a lifetime but are there certain moments where the cameras need to be put away?

Thanks to technology, basically everyone has a camera at their disposal and – especially on someone’s big day – you want to capture those moments so you don’t forget them.

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