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On the TV | Media Interview | July 1, 2016

I was asked by Courtney Curtis from TV7&4’s Up North Live to answer some questions about the hot-button point of whether or not to host your wedding as “unplugged” or not.  Truth be told, it was terrifying! I spend so many hours behind a camera that I totally forget what it is like to be IN FRONT of the camera.  I used the experience to remind myself how each of my clients feel at sessions.

The funniest part of the whole experience is Courtney reassuring my reservations about how I did with, “you did great, you’re all trendy and sounded fine”.  After she left, my Boyfriend’s 12 year old, Xander, says, “I think that lady was confused.  I think she meant crafty, not trendy.  Cause trendy really isn’t you”.  True that, kid, true that!

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Pictures are moments that can last a lifetime but are there certain moments where the cameras need to be put away?

Thanks to technology, basically everyone has a camera at their disposal and – especially on someone’s big day – you want to capture those moments so you don’t forget them.

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